These terms define the agreement in EREX and the user.
Any user using EREX is considered to have read and accepted these terms.
Access to EREX is only available on https://erex.io/
EREX is not responsible for faults not originating from the site.
Spam and fake account are forbidden on EREX.
For security reasons, only mail domain with password are authorized
Each user of EREX is considered to be aware of the rules and laws established by their country of residence.
EREX can at any time intervene to suspend the account of a user if the latter is of illegal activity until the resolution of the authorities.
EREX cooperates against the theft of cryptocurrency, EREX can permanently block funds from an address reported as fraudulent and restores funds to the owner.
EREX.io is a company registered in the Seychelles islands.


EREX is a platform for exchanging digital currencies.
EREX does not offer exchange for so-called FIAT currencies.
EREX is not responsible for temporary cuts due to our host.
EREX may be required to carry out maintenance for a reasonable duration.


Creating an account on EREX is free.
The information given by the users must be kept up to date.
The user must keep his identifier for the duration of his agreement with EREX.
The password can be changed on the my profile section.
The user is required to save his account recovery code in a secret place.
For obvious security reasons EREX will not be able to access this function at the request of the user.
EREX is not responsible for the disclosure to a third party by the user of information on their account.


Each exchange is irrevocable. EREX asks its users to be very careful.
EREX is not responsible for the available cryptocurrencies.
Each cryptocurrency engages only the responsibility of its development team.
Exchange orders can be placed partially or completely depending on the market offer.
An unexecuted order can be canceled in the Your Orders section.


EREX offers a lottery on various physical or digital goods.
EREX is not required to offer lotteries at all times.
The lottery system is automatic. The winner is chosen by a random computer process.
If the item is physical, the winning user is required to provide their delivery address within 30 days of winning the prize.
If the user does not provide his delivery address, the user will receive the value of the goods in Bitcoin less 10%.
EREX undertakes to return the goods to the transporter 48 hours after receiving the user's address.
For digital goods, the shipment will be made to the email entered when the account was created.
For cryptocurrencies, the winnings will be transferred to the user's wallet 48 hours after the designation of the winner.


Deposits are only made on the addresses given in the wallet page.
Deposits may have an acceptable minimum.
There is no charge for deposits.


Withdrawals are made only on the withdrawal page.
The user is responsible for the information given in the withdrawal form.
EREX checks the validity of the withdrawal addresses as far as possible but cannot be held responsible for a user error.
Each withdrawal is final and therefore cannot be canceled.
The withdrawal costs are stipulated in the withdrawal form.


EREX can voluntarily put the cryptocurrency network offline if it is corrupted, notably by a 51% attack.
EREX can also experience network difficulties and offline is automatic.
EREX can be in temporary maintenance for problem or performance resolution.


The icos are available on the ICO page.
The fees are 10% for the developer.
Coins not sold forward of the ICO are returned to the developer.
The developer can withdraw funds with a delay of 48 hours.
If the developer does not withdraw the funds during the ICO, all funds are transferred at the end of the ICO.


EREX offers free listing by vote and paid listing. If a cryptocurrency does not meet the acceptance conditions, we may not accept it within EREX.
If a currency already listed has an inactive market for more than a week, EREX may have to suspend withdrawals and deposits.
Withdrawals can then be made on request in the contact form while logged in.


EREX offers developers to attract more visibility to their projects through the invest page. The proposals on this page are made with real currency and available on the user's wallet.
EREX is not responsible for price drops on a cryptocurrency. However, if a developer is suspected of having manipulated the market, the latter may be banned from the EREX platform.


EREX offers free currency financed by reserved funds or by donations from users.


EREX does not communicate any information on a commercial basis.
The only information used by EREX is the user's email address and only in the context of their relationship with EREX.
User has a right of access and rectification of his data, to exercise this right the user must contact EREX by the means made available.

LAST UPDATE : 21/02/2020